Lindsey Kerr

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Term Expiration Date:  2/5/2023

Krystal Vermeire

I’m excited to continue on the board. This year, my focus is to expand our social media presence, as well as get a newsletter going again to highlight OT in Alaska. I’m looking forward to our board’s work on getting continuing education options coordinated for later in the year. I graduated in 2006 and initially worked in Maryland. I moved to Alaska in 2010. After working at a clinic in town for nearly 8 years, a friend and I were able to start our own clinic. I am one of the owners of A Better Tomorrow Therapy and Wellness Center which is located in Anchorage and serves the pediatric population. In addition to my work locally, I am a training leader with ICDL for DIR/Floortime intervention. In my spare time, I love to read, spend time with my family and friends, and be outside enjoying all the beauty that Alaska has to offer.

Term Expiration Date:  2/5/2023 

Jim DeBord

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Term Expiration Date:  2/5/2023